Re-Elect a Proven Leader


Moving the Town of Cortland Forward!


Hello Friends and Neighbors,

When I ran for the office of Mayor in 2013, I did so with the intent of serving only one term. My goals were to confront “head-on” the many challenges that were facing our Board of Trustees at that time. I also wanted to improve the appearance of our community. Those improvements would be viewed by many as progressive and would enhance the reputation of our community, which in time, would help to attract new businesses, and the completion of our residential neighborhoods. I was confident that in time, this would inspire a sense of pride in our community by our residents. That pride would inspire voluntary property maintenance and improvements, which would increase property values and inspire our residents to get involved. Their involvement could potentially bring more positive changes to our community through volunteerism or playing a role in local government. I believe this is taking place, given the numerous candidates in this upcoming election.

I knew to be effective in this leadership role; I could not be concerned about votes in 2017. I told Voters then, and I am making it known again, that I am concerned for what is best for our community. At times it is necessary to tell people what they don’t agree with or what they don’t want to hear. No one likes to do that. I am NOT a politician! I refuse to take on what has been often referred to as a common trait of a politician. That is “talking out of both sides of one’s mouth.”

Together with the members of our Town Board of Trustees, Town Clerk’s Office, Department Heads, and Staff, we have moved the Town of Cortland forward. I know this is evident to many residents and visitors to our community, given the positive letters, Emails, and personal comments I have received expressing their pleasure with the visual improvements.

Public Services have been enhanced by our Public Works Department and our Police Department. All of OUR municipal buildings have received repairs and/or much needed rehabilitation. Much needed vehicles and equipment have been purchased, and additional trained and experienced staff is now in place to better provide those services.

We have established partnerships with both public and private entities. Those partnerships have already proven to bring positive things to our community. At the same time, we have severed ties with those that for years promised to do things for our community but failed to do so. I think we can all take pride in knowing that our Department Heads have established professional working relationships with their counterparts in other communities and at the County, State and Federal levels. The Town of Cortland has become more self-sufficient. We also, as I promised, created an Emergency Response Plan which would be implemented should our community fall victim to the likes that occurred in Fairdale, Illinois. This Emergency Response Plan was mandated by the Federal Government and was to have been in place by 2008.

If you are already aware of any or all of the aforementioned, it’s probably because you have read about it in the letters I prepare for the Town Newsletter. I make every effort to keep all of you aware of what is happening through the Town Newsletter and its posting on the Town of Cortland Website. I encourage everyone to read the newsletter. I look forward to reporting to you more improvements within our community as spring approaches.

I have fulfilled all the promises I made to you, the residents of our community, when I ran for Mayor in 2013. I have always believed it was “Public Trust” that provided me the opportunity to serve you as Mayor these past four years. I hope I have maintained that trust as I ask for your support in re-electing me as Mayor.

You will soon be seeing more community improvements, due to the combined efforts of your Town Board of Trustees, Town Clerk’s Office, Department Heads, and Staff, under my leadership.

I have served our community at various capacities since 1991. I have called the Town of Cortland my home since 1993. I am running for Mayor again because I want our community to prosper. To continue down this path, it is paramount that the Mayor has experience in municipal government and proven leadership skills. We need to continue to move the Town of Cortland forward. With your support we will do that!

Thank you for your support! It is a pleasure to serve!


Russ Stokes
Candidate for Mayor 2017