Newsletter April/May 2016

Town of Cortland


April/May 2016


Hello Friends and Neighbors,


Another winter has come and gone. Fortunately, it was a mild one compared to past years. The mild weather played significantly in reducing our budgeted expenses for road salt, staffing, and maintenance of our snow plows.

We can now begin to enjoy the warmer weather and focus on spring and summer activities. For the Town, this will include many pub­lic works projects aimed at improving our roads, sidewalks, public buildings,  parks, and other community assets.

Please read the article pertaining to the Residential Waste Hauling Contract which will begin July 1, 2016. The Town Board of Trus­tees undertook this challenge last fall for many reasons.  Several of the major concerns was the negative impact that five waste haulers, doing weekly pickups, was having on the integrity of our neighborhood streets  and the presence of waste containers at our neigh­borhood curbs almost every day of the week. The Board sent out Requests for Proposals to nine waste hauling companies of which five companies submitted proposals. Those proposals were discussed and company representatives answered questions at regular Town Board meetings.  After much discussion and scrutiny by the Town Board, DC Trash was selected and contracted to perform town-wide Residential Waste Pickup. I commend and thank all of our Trustees, especially Mike Siewierski.  Mike took a major leadership role in this endeavor, an issue which has never been previously addressed by our town. All Trustees demonstrated a great deal of patience, care, and diligence in coming to their decision.

One of the immediate benefits that will be realized by most residential customers is a reduction of what they may currently be paying for this service.  Others include:

  • Containers that will be provided for trash and recyclables pickup.
  • Weekly pickup of trash AND recyclables.
  • Seasonal pick up of yard waste.
  • Seasonal pick up of discarded Christmas trees.
  • An 11% Discount for Senior Citizens that are recorded owners of property.

Benefits to our community will be numerous:

  • DC Trash is presently making plans to relocate its corporate office within the corporate limits of the Town of Cortland. The Town will benefit from both Property and Retail Sales Tax.
  • DC Trash will be providing trash pickup, without cost to the Town, at all of our public facilities and for special town sponsored Events.
  • DC Trash will be providing to the Town of Cortland, a quarterly Administrative Fee that is based upon the amount of residential units they service. The money received by the Town from this fee will be placed in a Restricted Assets Fund with the money to be used ONLY for the Preventive Maintenance of our Roadways.

The Town of Cortland has lacked the funds to do preventive maintenance of our roadways. It is imperative that a maintenance plan be developed and this effort be undertaken as soon as possible. The concern is simply this; streets are presently  repaired  by the Public Works Department and then ultimately  replaced using money received through  the Illinois Motor Fuel Tax Fund (MFT) when they reach the point where patching is no longer a reasonable option. Given the amount of money the Town receives annually from the MFT, it has taken 3-4 years to restore the roadways in the Woodland Acres Subdivision which was built approximately 20 years ago.

Looking forward, Natures Crossing, NeuCort Lakes, Cortland Estates, Heatherfield, and Chestnut Grove subdivisions will need the same attention and ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  Meanwhile, the older sections of Town are already in need of road repair and/or re­placement. We need to be proactive now to prevent the potential that all those streets will need extensive work or replacement at or about the same time.

With the on-set of warmer weather, work has once again begun in the Richland Trails neighborhood. Work has begun to complete the street lighting and vacant lots are being prepared for appraisal. Quotes on needed sidewalk work have been on-going. Bids have been prepared by our engineers for the completion of the work on Cortland Center Road. Those bids will go out later this month with the work to be completed this summer.

Public Works has arranged for the paving of gravel alleys on West Chestnut Avenue and North Prairie Street and the repaving of Mary Aldis Lane north of East Chestnut Avenue.

This year’s road projects, funded by the Illinois Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) are still being reviewed and will be announced later this sum­mer.  Town Engineers and our Public Works Department are planning a major road project to begin this summer for Elm Street west of Somonauk Road.  This project will also be addressing the problem of storm water that collects and fails to drain in that area.

I would be remiss if I did not thank the people responsible for the Cortland Mobile Home Park for undertaking a project that has enhanced the ascetics of the Park. The mobile home park is not within the corporate limits of the Town of Cortland but it is most certainly a part of the Cortland community.  The improvements being made were much needed and welcome.

I encourage everyone to be informed and get involved in moving our community forward.

As always, it’s a pleasure to serve.


Russ Stokes

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