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February/March 2015




Hello Friends and Neighbors,


I hope everyone experienced a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.  We are roughly half way through our winter season.  By last year’s standard, it has not been as tough, but surely presents its challeng­es.

Please pay attention to the various articles in this Newsletter as most of them affect all of us.

February 16, 2015 the Town of Cortland will have been incorporated 150 years.  We are planning numerous events to take place this year commemorating our Sesquicentennial. Most of those events will take place this summer and fall in conjunction with our Summer Fest and Annual Parade.  I will be working with the Cortland Parade and Festival Committee, and the Cortland Lions Club, in the planning of these events.  Those will include the dedication  of the new Town of Cortland Veterans Memorial; the interment of the Town of Cortland Time Capsule; and an Open House of all our community buildings to include the Cortland Town Hall, Cortland Police Department, Cortland Fire Department, Cortland Public Works Facility, Cortland Water Tower, Cortland Wastewater Reclamation Facility, and the Cortland Water/Wastewater Office Building. More information on those events will be forthcoming in our next Newsletter.  We are in the process of creat­ing a booklet to commemorate our Sesquicentennial.

Beginning on Saturday, March 7, 2015, the Cortland Town Hall will be open for guests from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM to view historic photos of the Town of Cortland and learn of its colorful history. It is my sincere hope, that learning of the Town’s past, and seeing how it has evolved into what we are today, will instill a sense of pride in our community. It will be that community pride which will inspire residents to become more actively involved in forging a positive future for our community. We are a diverse, family- oriented community with residents  of various backgrounds, levels of education,  experience, and interests. I am at­ tempting to inspire our residents to get involved in our community and be part of moving the Town of Cortland forward.  I would love to see the Time Capsule opened in Year 2065 and for those residents present to say, “Wow…look what the town was like back then and how much better it is today!”  I encourage residents to get involved now and be part of its future.

I have met with our Town Engineer and Public Works Director concerning this year’s Motor Fuel Tax Pro­jects.  There are many streets that are in need of repair.  We are in the process of prioritizing those projects. We are also prioritizing sidewalk replacements and have identified the potential need to replace a length of storm sewer in the area of Somonauk Road and Chestnut Avenue.  I will have more information on this in the next Newsletter.


We are presently researching and preparing to convert our current street lights to LED. It will take years to complete this conversion.  However, LED lighting would provide a significant savings to the town over time, given the reduced use of electricity and the costs associated  with replacing bulbs and bal­lasts The first “test” lights will soon be installed at the entrance to Nature’s  Crossing at Somonauk Road and Tallgrass Parkway and on Somonauk Road near Chestnut Avenue.

Our Town Attorneys are still negotiating with Cambridge Homes and Wells Fargo in an attempt to fin­ish the needed improvements in Richland Trails.  This has been a long and tedious process do to the in­tricacies of this residential development and how it was negatively affected by the economy.

Our Town Attorneys are still actively working on the rehabilitation or condemnation and demolition of properties at 36 N. Somonauk Road, 86 S. Somonauk Road and 473 S. Hampstead Street.  I will have more to report in the next Newsletter.  At the time of this Newsletter I expect some demolition may begin this spring.

Since the last Newsletter, parking areas at the Town of Cortland Public Works Facility and Police De­partment have been paved.  The parking areas will be striped and parking bumpers installed this spring. The former Public Works Garage is being utilized by the Police Department. A broken waterline in the building has been repaired; a rotted service door has been replaced; and new gutters and downspouts are being installed as part of needed restoration of the building.  I view our public buildings as “community assets.”  They represent our community and must be maintained.

As we begin to prepare for next year’s fiscal budget, I am preparing to bring additional improvements to our parks.  The Town has submitted an amended grant proposal to the State of Illinois that would al­low for some much needed improvements to the water detention area immediately east of Cortland Com­munity Park.  If approved, the detention area will be dredged and planted with wild flower vegetation. A walking path with workout stations will be constructed to attach that area with the existing park.

Plans are also being made to construct a shelter facility at McPhillips Park.  That shelter will be similar to the shelters that were constructed last year at Hetchler Park and Suppeland Park.  Recently, the Town Board paved the way for residents to reserve the use of those shelters for approved private events.

As your Mayor, I will continue to make every effort to keep you informed as to what is occurring in our community through  this Newsletter and the town’s Website.

As always, I thank you for the opportunity to serve our community.


Russ Stokes

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