Russ Stokes Family

Home & Family
24-year resident of the Town of Cortland
Married to Ginny for 30 years
A married Daughter and two Granddaughters

Public Service
Police Officer/Detective/Supervisor with suburban police agencies 1974-1998
Part-time Police Officer for the Town of Cortland 1991-1998
Volunteer Firefighter with the Cortland Fire Department 1993-2012
First Full-time Chief of Police for the Cortland Police Department 1998-2010
Cortland Community Fire Protection District Trustee 2012-2014
Elected Mayor of the Town of Cortland 2013

43 years of dedicated Public Service.
Supervisory and Leadership Training and Experience.
Knowledge and experience in the delivery of all Public Services.
A track record of cooperation and the establishment of partnerships
in both the public and private sectors.
A track record of improving our neighborhoods, parks and the
delivery of services. All of which will help attract businesses and
controlled residential growth.

Continue our efforts to improve the visual appearance of our
community and enhance its’ reputation as a safe, clean, and desirable
place to live and raise a family.
Attract ONLY REPUTABLE businesses to our community.
Support the completion of our residential neighborhoods.
Support further residential growth ONLY if it will benefit and enhance
the image of our community.
Continue to seek opportunities to promote partnerships in both the
public and private sectors.
Continue to enhance our delivery of services.
Lead and work closely with Trustees, Town Clerks, and Staff in our
efforts to continue to move the Town of Cortland forward!